Happy Belated New Year…


Hello world and Merry Christmas from the Kingery household! This year has held many interesting things for all of us, but we’ll keep the stories brief and just give everyone a brief update and send you all on with a Happy Holiday wish.

Steve is doing a great job at the hospital here and when he’s not working he takes time to enjoy life and spend quality time with the family. Early this year he had back surgery and is recovering well from it.

Kristen is still enjoying doing embroidery and designing. In June she had a scary episode of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Luckily she’s recovering much quicker than anticipated and looks forward to a complete recovery eventually.

ALynn is a beautiful 15 year-old. She played JV volleyball this year and looks forward to playing throughout the rest of high school. She got her learning permit for driving and can qualify for her license in February, look out world! She loves to draw, text, crochet, and figure out ways to do her gorgeous hair and fun new fingernail designs.

Alek started middle school this year and although we anticipated problems with all the big changes, he’s once again surprised us all and is adjusting quite well. He hit a fabulous milestone this year when we were able to wean him off his seizure medication and was declared seizure free! He still loves his Legos and his favorite school subject is Science. He’s going to blow us all away with the things he’s going to accomplish in life. He also earned his hunter’s safety this year and got to go hunting with dad.

Mac is a Webelos this year and is looking forward already to moving up with the big Boy Scouts. He’s always on the go and needs something to keep him busy whether it’s indoors or out. He loves to go fishing and it seems to be his traditional birthday request – to go camping and fishing.

Paige is, well, Paige. She’s a snarky, spunky little girl with red hair and freckles and the attitude to go with it. She loves to help out and especially loves to cook, even chopping onions! She can’t wait till next year when she’s finally old enough to compete in the county Dutch oven cook-off against (or with) her siblings.

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Find joy in all the little things every day. We have a nightly tradition where we each say what we’re grateful for and then log it in a notebook. Some nights we have something profound to share while other nights we’re just grateful for air freshener. We call it Gratitude Check and it helps us to appreciate what we have and how blessed we truly are. May you all be blessed in more ways than you can count, we are just by having you in our lives.


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